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What and Why We Design ....

We are Humans and we are just Brilliant. Ever wondered why? Simply because we enquire, react, and seldom respond. When we start to respond instead of merely reacting, we become Brilliant plus!!!

So here's a story for everyone—about looking and feeling good. Deep down, we all desire to feel and look good. Feeling good is a personal thing, while looking good is a personal and other's choice.

Let me introduce my collection, which I named "Spiritual." The essence of this collection is to create a space where your feel-good can also be your look-good.

Our designs revolve around concepts like Infinity, Zen, and power. When you wear them, they might not create this state of mind, but they will serve as reminders. They will whisper to you, "Bhai chalo, Zindagi mein Aap se Upar Koi Nahi. Dil aur Dimag se Koshish Karo toh Haar, Har Saflta mein badal sakti hai." ("Brother, let's go. There's no one above you in your life. With effort from the heart and mind, failure can turn into success.")These subtle, personal messages are the essence of life. Ajah is my medium to express what I’ve learned. I  hope through this collection, you find both style and a reminder of your inner strength. 

Join in my world of Ajah at www.ajahlife.com


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